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6B45 Ratnik Russian Body Armor Replica

6B45 Ratnik Russian Body Armor Replica

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Russian military vest Ratnik 6B45 in digital flora camo. Airsoft replica! No armor plates. Suitable for airsoft, paintball, for LARP or re-enactment as PMC USEC, BEAR or Scav from Escape from Tarkov. (Based on the level 6 6b43 A6 armor in the game)

Full set of Russian body armor 6b45 with quick release system.
Internal filler for more volume and shape, easy to remove.
Filling: polyurethane foam to give volume and shape.
The complete set includes:
base vest;
Shock absorbers - 4 pieces
groin guard;
Pauldrons - 2 pieces

This vest is a replica (copy), has no ballistic properties. Used for games like airsoft.

About the original vest:
The 6b43 bulletproof vest was accepted for delivery by the Ministry of Defense of the RF - by Order of the Minister of Defense No. 950 of July 14, 2010. The designation of the ROC is "Zabralo-Sh". Deliveries since 2011. The 6b45 bulletproof vest entered service in 2014. It is a means of personal armor protection for military ground forces, airborne troops, naval marines and special forces personnel. 6b43 and 6b45 part of the Ratnik combat gear set.

Design description:
The replica vest has a quick release system (just like the real thing). It consists of a chest, back and two side panels that are connected with a sling through an adjustable buckle. There are two shoulder rolls on the chest section to support the rifle stock when shooting. There are stops on the back that prevent the weapon belt from slipping. The body armor replica has a collar to protect the neck, if necessary the collar can be folded down. The inner part of the sections has removable CAPs (climate shock absorbing supports) in the form of vertical strips that provide a reduction in contusion (Extra-Barrier) (in the original) as well as ventilation of the undervest. With removable shoulder and groin protection.

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